Equipment Description - Clark Transportations dumps are high volume aluminum dump trailers. This allows our drivers to haul light weight materials such as aluminum turnings and still get a respectable payload. The tailgates on the trailers will swing out of the way so we can back up to a dock and be loaded with a skid loader or forklift. All of the trailers have roll over tarps so the loads can be kept dry during transportation.

​Commodity List - Below is a list of some of the products that Clark Transportation hauls in the dump trailers.

Clark Transportation Services operates 25 dumps trailers in the Midwest and East. Seventy percent of our loads are associated with the recycling and metal industry, although we do haul all kinds of bulk and bag freight in the dumps.

Ferrous Metals
#2 steel 
Motor Heads 
Prepared Motors 
Cast Iron Borings 
Steel Turnings

Non-Ferrous Metals
Stainless Scrap
Copper Scrap
Brass Scrap
Aluminum Scrap
Aluminum Sows*

Fertilizer (Bulk)
Fertilizer (Bags)*
Decorative Rock
Silicon Metal
Metal Alloys
Glass Cullet

*These products can be loaded with a forklift on skids.